Furniture 101 – common mistakes to avoid with flat-packs

Here’s the thing about flat-packs that makes them so amazing – you put the sofa sets together. On the flip side, these are much cheaper and occupy the least room at the end of the day. But we thought about pinpointing some of the major problems and mistakes that you’d encounter, and what to do about them.

Let’s look at these most common mistakes to avoid with sofa sets in the flat-pack form.

Not adhering to the assembly instructions by the company

The prime mistake with flat packs is not adhering to the assembly instructions; you shouldn’t ever use anything but a screwdriver if the instruction manual specifies that.

The other aspect of the problem is the fact how most won’t follow the recommended order of assembly as well. Your method will get the parts together, but will that be enough to sustain in long term?

Ignoring the brand of the furniture

Not all companies are fond of manufacturing flat pack living room furniture. On top of all that, not all of them are based in Australia.

We’re not asking you to be at a loss when you can import better solutions; we’re telling you that it’s an unnecessary expense to pay for a foreign brand when you can get the same quality from Australian brands. The bottom line is that the brand value goes along when it comes to furniture – especially the flat-packs.

Forgetting to check the dimensions

All the furniture is presented in a way that looks bigger and much attractive. While it’s alright to purchase something that looks good, you shouldn’t forget to check the dimensions since you don’t want to end up realizing how you can barely sit on it.

The use of adhesives to joints

There’s a sensible logic behind using adhesives for joints – after all, it brings extra stability. But the real question is that do you really want that much unnecessary stability even if you were obese? On the flip side, doesn’t gluing the joints take away the chance to repair or replace them in case that’s needed? This is probably why you should think twice before gluing joints.

Accepting unverified product packages

We cannot stress just how important it is that you have all the parts that are required to assemble a sofa set. If you evaluated some of the most common problems encountered, you would see how most people end up with this issue.

This is quite common when you buy from questionable sellers. On the flip side, it also could be counted as a human error. But as the client, you can always remind the seller to ensure you don’t have to reach back for missing pieces.

Final thoughts

The bottom line is that there’s no such thing as a bad product as long as the manufacturer’s guarantee is there. In such a background, flat-packs are always going to be one of the most cost-effective investments – whether it was for your home, office, restaurant, or possibly a hotel as well. All you need to do is not make mistakes.

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