Event Checklist – 7 Must Have Items

With summer in town, it is the perfect time to throw outdoor events from weddings to simple parties to maybe even birthday celebrations. Planning an organizing an outdoor event can be extremely exciting and fun, however, it can also get hectic sometimes, especially with the list of things you need to get done in order to make sure everything is just perfectly in place for the guests to enjoy!

There are a bunch of things you need to sort out for your outdoor events. While some of them are common and basic requirements for any party, we can still tend to miss it or not attend to it as much as we should. Therefore, here’s a little checklist to ensure you have all things you need for a fantastic evening outdoors.

Party Tent

While nothing worst can happen in summer, like rain and storms, things can get pretty unpredictable sometimes and so having at least one-party tent can do you good! It could maybe even save your guests from the harsh heat if it’s an extremely sunny day.

Seating Arrangements

Have enough of seats for your guests! We cannot stress on this enough! While the choice of seating arrangement depends on the kind of even your hosting, ensuring that there’s plenty for all guests is crucial.

Umbul Umbul

Also known as Bali flag, Umbul Umbul can help your guests spot the location of your event quiet easily. This can be also be extremely useful in terms of signalling the ongoing of an event. The pop of colour makes it stand out and serve its purpose.

Food and Drinks

Well, you definitely cannot afford to skip on this one. However, it’s important that you as a host order the right food for the theme of the occasion as well as enough in terms of quantity so as to ensure all guests enjoy its availability, Cools drinks are a must for all guests to feel refreshed in the heat. 

Decorative Elements

This is what gives an event the wow-factor. A fun and summer friendly décor based on the theme you’re going can turn a simple outdoor event into an aesthetic place with fun vibes in all corners. From a fairy garden theme to maybe your kid’s favourite birthday theme, the creativity is endless!


Can’t have a party without some quality music rising up all your guests’ spirits. However, in order to select the right music, you need to know your audience and ensure it’s always age appropriate, especially if there are kids amidst your guests. But don’t forget to keep it fun and vibing.


As the sunsets and the night encloses your outdoor space, you need to make sure the surrounding is well-lit in order for your guests to continue enjoying the event. Without proper lighting, an outdoor even can become hectic and messy to deal handle.

Apart from the above a few other things to keep in mind are entertainment, floral arrangements as well as proper availability of napkins and silverware.

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