Benefits of Rendering Your House

Rendering a house can be done with different materials such as lime, cement, acrylic, silicone etc. It can be quite expensive because of the large surface area that is required to be covered. Rendering is something that has been done for a long time and it continues today because of the functional and aesthetical aspect it provides.

House rendering is used mostly for protecting the house from weather such as rain and winds. It provides a layer of protection for the building and some provide insulation properties as well when dealing with heat. If your house is located in a region with unpredictable weather, then rendering is a good solution to look at. It will provide sufficient protection throughout all seasons. In addition to weather protection, the insulating properties help hot air from the home escape outside from the house. Because of this additional insulation, you can make your house more energy efficient as well. You can couple this with other methods such as using more insulation inside the walls and using double glazed glass that will add to this external insulating layer. It will bring down the utility bills of the house as well.

The price for this application will depend on the different render systems as well. Traditional rendering systems like cement and sand are cost-effective. You can easily renovate an older house by applying a render on top which will preserve the old materials. This way you can preserve the building materials of the house as you don’t have to knock it down and start anew. The lifespan of the exterior building materials can be lengthened when you apply a render on top because this layer prevents them from coming into direct contact with the elements and it will prevent cracking of bricks as well. You can get several quotations from different companies so that you can get an idea of the cost of the render.

When you are living in an older house, the brick exterior is susceptible to dampness and having a render on top will help mitigate this issue. There will be no condensation getting inside the house. One type of render that will help with this is a polymer as it is waterproof. Despite its waterproof properties, this is a breathable layer. You can use this in areas that are more prone to dampness such as bathrooms. You can easily bring an outdated house into a more contemporary finish by using a render. It can give a modern look to the house because of its smooth and seamless appearance. You can use a render to cover any imperfections of the house. There could be cracks or discoloured patches that you want to hide which can be easily covered with a render. It is best to get a professional to apply the render so as to get a quality finish. You can also apply the render on upper stories of the house as it is a lightweight material and will not affect the structural integrity of the house.

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