How to Maintain the Trees on Your Property

Trees are an investment because of the multitude of benefits they bring and the value it brings to the house. It can instantly transform a small space or brighten any interior. The functional aspects include providing a buffer for reducing noise and improving air quality. Tree maintenance is a crucial component of property management. There are routine procedures that should take place to preserve the health of the trees.

There are many companies that provide tree services Melbourne that has professional arborists in their team. You can always get their assistance to carry out maintenance duties as well as planting new trees. Some of the routine duties you should do as a property manager is to take inventory of existing trees. This will give you information about where the tree is located, species, size of the tree and current health. Professional arborists will be able to provide you with this service and they can let you know of specific requirements depending on the species of the tree. Once you have an idea of the trees you have in the property, you can then look at the maintenance each tree needs. Pruning is an essential element of tree maintenance. You need to choose the right time of the season to prune the trees. While many people prune trees in the spring, it is best to carry this out during autumn or winter. The tree will have time to recover from this before the temperature levels rise in the summer. If you prune in the spring, the main focus of the tree will be on recovering from the pruning instead of overall growth of the tree.

When you are pruning, you should cut the right branches as well. There can be branches that are infested with insects or branches that have damage. The amount of pruning you do is also crucial. 1/3rd of the tree branch can be pruned for healthy growth. Pruning will allow sunlight to fall on the bottom branches of the tree and it allows for better movement as well. Trees can be infected with diseases as well. There could be insects or pests that are affecting the growth of a tree adversely. It is always good to have an aborist inspect the trees once a year. The trunk or root of the tree can suffer from damage as well. Check for cracks in the trunk or see whether the tree is aligned oddly. There could be parts of the bark missing from the trunk in some parts. An expert will be able to come up with solutions to these issues.

If you notice branches that are missing leaves when all the trees in your property are thriving, there could be something wrong with its health. Fungus is another issue that can become a serious problem. When you are planting a tree, you need to select a tree that fits the climate of the environment and grows well in the soil condition at site. You need to assess the sunlight the space receives as well.

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