Consider These Tips before You Extend Your Home

Extending homes has now become more popular because it gives a home more space without having to buy new one. However, such extension may become a problem if you do it without planning it well. There are many aspects you should consider when extending your home. So here are some tips to help you out.

Architecture of the House

Every house is unique. Therefore, the extensions also differ from one house to another. There are three types of styles that are used when undertaking an extension to an already existing building such as complementary addition, deferential contrast and assertive contrast.

An Extension is a Part of the Original House

You should never just merely attach an extension to your house. The extension should work with the existing house for it to be considered as a part of the whole house. Spaces of your house should flow together for precision of the layout after the extension. Apart from that you also consider about how the extension would influence the already existing services in the house like the heating system, air-conditioning and more.

Your Schedule Should be Realistic

Projects like this usually take more time to be completed. Therefore, make sure that you don’t set unrealistic expectations because it can cause unnecessary stress to the whole process. Issues are bound to happen during these projects. Therefore, setting up realistic targets and approaching such issues in a calm manner can reduce the time period of the project without letting it dragged on for a longer period.

Talk to Your Neighbours

An extension project will not sound nice to your neighbours. Since no one likes to live next to a construction site, it is better to talk to them and explain your project and ensure that you will do your best to minimize such disruption.

Also make sure that your project will not negatively affect the property of your neighbour in any way. There can be applicable laws with regard to the neighbours depending on the location and the proximity so contact your lawyer to confirm such issues.

Move Out If Possible

Living in a construction site throughout the extension project will not be easy. You will have to deal with unpleasant noise, dust and many other things on a daily basis. Therefore, if it is financially possible to rent out a place just for that time period will be a good option for you. This can actually speed up the process because the home extension builders will not have to consider the schedule of you and your family when planning their work.

If you decide to remain in your home you have to talk to your architect and contractor as early as possible so that they make plans accordingly and arrange temporary facilities like bathrooms and kitchen for you to use during the construction period.

Consider these tips carefully and plan your extension project with a competent and experienced architect and a contractor to ensure the entire extension process runs smoothly without any major hindrances.

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