Things to Consider When Choosing TV Wall Mounts

There are numerous things you have to consider when choosing a TV wall mount. And you could not afford to be not careful when making this decision because choosing one that is not appropriate to your TV’s specification would be one of the costliest mistakes you might make in your life. You would not want your brand new, expensive TV shattering just because you haphazardly bought a TV wall mount that could not sustain the weight of your TV.

When choosing which TV wall mount to purchase, you have to check the following:

Television’s Specifications

If you don’t know how to check the television’s specifications, you could ask the salesperson to be sure (and most probably they would recommend or encourage you to add to your purchase a wall mount). Most wall mounts are only limited to support the weight and size of a specific television.

You should never attempt to put a 50 inches TV on a wall mount that is inadequate and is only designed to support a 32 inches TV. When you buy your TV, don’t delay in purchasing the wall mount. Buy them at the same time so you would not guess and estimate your TV’s specifications when you go and buy your wall mount on another day.

Wall Mount Functions

If you entertain frequently, make sure to purchase a wall mount that swivels. This is recommended so your guests could point the TV in the direction where they are lounging. A TV that swivels is also advisable if the room where you would be installing it is huge and there are numerous places where you or your family member could sit or lie down while watching TV.

When you get your TV professionally mounted, inform the contractors that you would want your TV to swivel so they could make sure that the constantly moving would not make anything loose. With this, you’d be assured that your TV is secure, and they will hide your cables as well, to make it more eye-pleasing.

Wall Mount Price

Spending money on a wall mount is a wise investment. It does not necessarily mean though that a more affordable wall mount would not do the job. It’s just that if a product is more expensive, it means the materials used are of more high quality.

And if you are not willing to risk the safety of your television, ask the professionals for their recommendation. At least, when you get the advice of the experts you are not overpaying and at the same time still able to purchase one that is not made out of cheap materials.

When your TV is mounted on a wall, you would not want those pesky cables to be showing. Unlike when you have the TV in an entertainment centre or unit, it would be easier to hide the cables, especially if you are connecting numerous consoles. Consider this as well not only for aesthetic purposes but with loose cables, the possibility and risk of accidentally pulling on these cords are also likely.

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