Redoing a Garage – 6 Things to Consider

Thinking of remodelling your garage? You’ve come to the right place. All things to and not to do are run through below. Read ahead.

Don’t Avoid Your Walkway

One of the biggest mistakes people make is only dealing with the inside of their garage. Remember that your vehicle has to enter the space through the drive-through. Unfortunately, it may not be in the best condition. For one, the concrete on it could be faded and stained. This affects your curb appeal.

More importantly, the drive-through might have cracks in it. As a result, your tires are taking a beating. From all the points on our list, redoing the concrete can be pricey. However, saving a lot is possible if you work with a large company like Robson Concreting Frankston has many concreting companies and it’s probably the most affordable.

Do Not Make It A Living Space

Some people do their garages up in a way that makes it an additional living space. There is no reason to do this. You’re probably not going to be living in the house forever. When trying to sell the property, having a fully functional garage is needed. Buyers are going to be looking for spaces to park their car, not an extra living room.

Have a Lot of Storage

You shouldn’t transform the garage into another living room. That being said, using it as a room to store extra stuff is great. This would make it more tempting to potential buyers.

Be smart and pick storage that would handle a lot of weight. Most people would want to store power tools in their garage, which the resistant cupboards and shelves would let them do.

Work with An Excellent Company

Do not do any of the renovations yourself – you’re not a professional. Working with a large company is what you need to do. They will make the garage look its best. They would also let you know which remodels would be the most worth your time.

How will you find the best? The internet. Several renovators specialize in garage work. Work with them instead of broader names.

Improve Insulation

If the insulation of the space is weak, this is something you’ll have to fix. The lack of insulation could be causing the room to get hot, chipping the paint on your vehicle. You can improve insulation in many ways. Superb things to do would be to install double-paned windows and close gaps/cracks in the walls and doors.


Just because the garage is separated from the rest of the home, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t look good. New coats of paint would do the trick. They can be added on yourself – you don’t need to hire anyone. A gallon would set you back around $25.

To get the most effect, pick a colour palette that would tie in with the rest of the home. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, what did you think of the points discussed? Which of them do you think is the most important?