Why Hardwood Floors Are Not Just for Aesthetics

Hardwood floors are beautiful, there is no doubting that and if you want one in your home because it is exquisite, you might be surprised at how functional and worth all of your money it is. Professionals in the real estate industry and residential and commercial interior decorators could attest to how hardwood floors are preferred and is still the popular choice when it comes to flooring. This is most probably because of the following reasons:

Hardwood floors are durable

Hardwood floors are known to have last several generations. If you want your kids to inherit your home, have engineered hardwood flooring installed since they are known to be durable and long lasting. They are able to withstand heavy foot traffic since they are hard wearing, provided you availed of high-quality hardwood floors and they are installed professionally and would not be dislodged easily.

Hardwood floors are also an investment since they increase the value of your property and they could become a selling point in the future when you want to resell your property. You might even be able to get back what you have spent on the installation of the hardwood floors and even make a little profit.

Hardwood floors are diverse

Nothing wrong with the usual “look” of wood on your floor but if you want it to be a little different, you could. Hardwood floors are diverse and comes in various stains, colours, styles and species of wood. You could even choose unfinished hardwood floors. No matter what your preference is, you would not have a hard time finding one that suits your preference or the look or motif of your home.

Hardwood floors are easy to clean

Cleaning and maintaining hardwood floor are easy, although it takes time and you have to be careful not to scratch or nick it, otherwise it would not look as good as it is when it was first installed. When you move your furniture around, have some rubber or foam padding or placed them on top of a carpet or a rug.

When you clean it, clean soap and water will do the job but make sure that you rinse the soap properly, otherwise the residue from the soap will leave the floor streaky, not to mention slippery. After cleaning the floors, it is also recommended to wax and polish it to give it a sheen and another layer of protection.

Hardwood floors are versatile

Since it is versatile and looks good with any décor, a lot of home owners choose it. No matter how often you change all of your furniture and home accessories, it will not clash with your hardwood floors. Your floors would even complement your mirrors, wall art and other decorative accents.

When you see that your hardwood floor is becoming dull or there are shallow scratches, you could have it refinished. You would not need to have the wood replaced, saving you money and further enjoying your investment.