How to Build Up Your Kitchen Aesthetic

If you need to know a few simple things you could do to create a nicer vibe in your kitchen, feel free to continue reading to find some useful methods you could try out for your kitchen!


It is important to have a colour scheme when trying to build on aesthetic looks for your kitchen.


If you have the budget, perhaps your kitchen space needs new flooring! You could try a marble look such as black as then less dirt would get on the kitchen tiles too.

This black classy marble look will surely change up your entire kitchen.

New equipment

Perhaps it is time for you to invest in new kitchen equipment for your kitchen, this could be the stove, closets, fridge, cabinets. This will bring in a modern touch to your kitchen and aid in building your overall kitchen aesthetic


You could label your containers and purchase oil bottles and pantry jars. You can also find a wide range of kitchen tools you could add into your kitchen.

Hanging décor

You could also hang a ‘bon appetite’ classic poster, frame somewhere on a kitchen wall to give that foody touch to your kitchen.

Hanging recipes on your fridge

Everyone wants to cook the perfect meals for your loved ones and yourself in their kitchen- make it easier for yourself and print all recipes from famous cooks that you would love to try on your kitchen fridge!

You could keep the paper white and the font black and make that into a theme, so all your recipe additions in your kitchen will be black and white.

Add a clock

You could also add in a wall clock to your kitchen, perhaps a digital wall clock or even a modern wall clock would do.

This way you could look at the time easily whilst cooking and be on track!

Add in fresh plants and flowers

Greenery is always a great add on in to any space, including a kitchen! Depending on your theme – you could add either plants or flowers into your kitchen counter.

This truly will bring your kitchen alive!

Counter table and chairs

You could install a sleek kitchen counter top and add 2 seats in there. this would not be your dining table, but you would have the option of eating in your kitchen space too! If you are in a hurry you have an option.

Adding a counter and chair is also a great look for a modern kitchen space!

Add on

You could add on fancy lights on your kitchen ceiling, this really adds to the vibe of modernism. 

Whatever else you may want to add on is totally up to you!

We hope that you have a fun time building your kitchen aesthetic and know that you could have a great looking kitchen in no time! Just follow some of the tips above and you should be on your way to creating a modern new looking aesthetic kitchen!