Why Does Your Home Need A Rug?

A rug is a thick piece of material, either made by weaving fibre or by using, animal skin or synthetic fibre. This material is a floor covering, functioning as a protective shield. Moreover, it does not cover the entire flooring from wall to wall.

What is the difference between a carpet and a rug?

Both serve the same purpose of covering the flooring, though a carpet stretches from wall to wall. Where else, a rug is placed in a defined space and is easy to move around.

Why are rugs important for interior design?

The material is the most convenient and affordable element in interior designing and easily blends with any spacing. Whether it is to add a luxurious touch to the room or to add charm and enhance it, there is a lot of variety available in the market. The various textures, styles, sizes, and colours have widened the choices for the public.

If you intend to redecorate your space, do not forget the rugs! It is a vital element of interior designing, and therefore, you should select the ideal rug that goes well with your room and colour palette.

For example, if you are placing it in the walkway, it should be a lengthy runner. If it is for laying in front of a door, it should be a small rug. Thus, it indicates one should select the rug based on the space they want to place it in.

Where to place rugs at home?

The purpose of placing a rug is to enhance the space. Rugs come in a variety of sizes and shapes; thus, they are visually appealing. Furthermore, a rug adds warmth to space and can also be used as an acting wall to create a division in larger areas.

For instance, let’s take the bedroom. When it comes to bedroom rug placement, the rug should be long and wide enough to cover each side of the bed. Also, it should be equal on both the side with proper measurements. Moreover, it is more appropriate than placing the rug on one side of the bed.

Likewise, each room has its own way of placing the rug. Another example is, a living room rug is a more central focus, and it spreads across the room from the centre.

Why should you have a rug?

Rugs are not only used to add value to your interior designing but also have various other advantages. A rug helps to reduce the noise in the room it is placed.

It is also softer and warm to walk on, preventing foot pains. It is also great to use on slippery floors to avoid slipping off and physical injuries. Moreover, a rug also prevents damages and scratches that can cause on the floor.

How to select the rug for your home?

You have a fair understanding of the rugs now. However, the material of the rug matters a lot. Also, it should be easy to clean and wash. The wool rugs are known to be safer.