5 Kitchen Renovations That’ll Increase Property Value

If you’re looking to raise the value of your home, doing your kitchen up would be smart. We talked about the renovations that would bring the most bang for your buck. Read ahead.


When selling a property, buyers would most likely be families. Having several mouths to feed, they’d have a lot of pots and pans in the kitchen. That’s why they’d want a space with a good amount of storage.

You can improve the storage space by adding cupboards that run from the walls all the way across the ceiling. The wider the cupboards, the more items that can be kept inside.

A New Colour Palette

How does your kitchen look? Its colour-scheme may not be the best. You may be a fan of bright colours, which is why there are bright shades on your walls. But not everyone is like you.  Neutral tones are currently the rave. They make any space look more premium; ditch the old colours for them.

An Island

Something that would skyrocket the value of your property would be the addition of an island. The feature is present in the most modern homes, so you’ll stick out if you don’t offer one.

The feature acts as an additional space for individuals to eat. It would also be extra space for cooking, and extra storage for pots and pans.

Just because you can go large doesn’t mean that you should. If the island is massive and the kitchen is small, it would suffocate the room. There might not be enough space to walk either – there should be at least 1 meter from each side.

If you already have an island, update the materials it is made from. Go premium – marble would wow the most buyers.

A New Benchtop

Rake in the most cash by replacing the materials your benchtop and backsplash are made of. Bench tops are the first things people notice when they step inside kitchens. That’s why shopping around is important – the end product should be perfect. Major names like USM will transform your kitchen with premium work.


Along with an island, something that would sky-rocket the value of your home would be new appliances. Yes, they would cost a lot. However, think of the money spent as an investment. Be mindful of the colours the appliances would be. They’d need to go with the new colour palette you chose for the space.

Shiny stainless steel or matte black appliances would make the kitchen the most expensive looking. If you purchase from the same brand, it should be easy to find pieces that complement each other.

Final Thoughts

Considering all of the points we discussed, it’s clear that there are many things you could do to your kitchen to increase the value of your home. From the assortment, adding an island and upgrading your benchtops would be the biggest investments. Of course, you could make more simple changes, and adjust the colour scheme of the space too.

So, what do you think? Will you be making use of our points?