Home Swimming Pool Safety Tips

When the weather is good, swimming pools are really a fun spot for kids and even adults alike. If you’re blessed with a spacious yard area, having a backyard pool makes your home more welcoming to guests and even increases the value of your property.

However, along with the fun comes the big responsibility of maintaining it as well as keeping it safe especially for children. Kids can be curious most of the time and could slip away from your sight into the pool unsupervised. To prevent drowning and other pool accidents from happening, here are the essential pool safety tips you should do when you have a backyard pool.

Invest in a Pool Fence

Whether you have kids at home or not, it is important that you have a fence around the perimeter of your pool. You’re not only protecting your little ones but also other neighbouring kids from getting into the water unnoticed.

Pool fences may not look that aesthetically pleasing but what matters most is keeping kids safe from your pool. To be efficient, a pool fence should be at least 4 feet high and should cover all sides of the pool. Also, be sure that there are no protrusions or gaps where a child can get through and into the water. The latches should be high out of a child’s reach for safety. Learn more here about the basics in pool fences.

Incorporate Multiple Safety Measures

Aside from a pool fence, you should also have plenty of safety devices around the pool area. Since water can accumulate over your pool cover, be sure to have a pump to drain out and prevent a dangerous puddle from forming on top of the cover.

Aside from that, be sure to have safety devices near the poolside such as pool floats, lifesaving rings, and a reaching pole for emergency purposes. You can also add an extra layer of safety by installing a pool alarm. You could choose to have one that alarms when the pool gate is opened or a different one that goes off when there’s a disturbance in the water.

Use a Pool Cover

If the pool is not in use, be sure to keep it covered as much as possible. If it is an above-ground pool, remove the ladder or anything that can be used to get into the pool. This is to be sure that no child can go into the water without your knowledge. Choose a rigid pool cover that fits securely on the whole surface of the pool.

Keep the Clutter Away

Having clutter around is normal when you have kids. However, it shouldn’t be like that in a pool. After all the fun, take and put aside all the toys, floats, and other clutter on the water and around the pool as well. This can prevent accidental slips or keep away a curious kid from going to the water.

Most importantly, keeping a close watch on kids while they are having fun in the pool is the top safety measure every adult should do.