How to Choose a Good Duvet Cover

Just like choosing g the rest of your bedroom necessities, choosing the duvet cover is also an important part. We are past the age where we had to choose between the functionality and aesthetics of something we are buying for our home. And this applies to even the tiniest details such as a duvet. Take look at the tips below to see how you can choose a duvet cover that will do its job perfectly while also not clashing with the rest of the items in your bedroom.

Choose the Right Size

If you choose an ill-fitting cover, it will give you extra work that you didn’t ask for. You will either have to trim the excess fabric to make sure it does not bunch up or spend some more and buy one that can actually cover your bed. A cover should be able to fit snugly around the duvet, not too big or too small. Sine you are choosing a cover, it will have to be slightly larger than your duvet. Note down the necessary measurements before you are shopping to save yourself the trouble of altering or re-purchasing a cover. 


The next feature to look into is the material of the cover. Some of the best materials are those that are made of synthetic fibre such as poly fibre. These are considered to be of the best quality and are perfect to keep comfortable, even on hot nights.

The fibres on them allow the moisture to evaporate without absorbing them making it easier for you to sleep, even if you sweat. Some of the other materials that you can opt for include, Egyptian cotton, organic cotton, flannel and silk. If you are planning to order duvet covers online NZ has a few different stores you can try.


The quality of a material is not just determined by its brand name of course there are certain brands are having products that are well made all the time and three are brands that we do not use. But just because a duvet comes with a good name, this doesn’t mean you should buy it without question.

Instead, pay attention to the construction of t. Is it well made or well stitched? What about the materials or the colours used? Dies it match your room’s colour palate? These might not be the things you pay attention to at a first glance but they are still necessary factors to take into consideration.


Duvets are made in different styles. Some have ties at the corners to ensure that it does not bunch up on the bed. This allows the cover to be attached to the duvet in the corners. Some comes with features such as a zipper or buttons. There are also patterns on some of the covers. These are the perfect for those of you who hate plain items but love a little bit of colour or texture. These include various stitching like embroidery, pleats or ribbons.

Keep these tips in mind when you are shopping next time. Instead of choosing the first thing that catches your eye, choosing something after careful consideration save you a lot of time, money and effort.