The Different Types of Window Blinds and Where They Should Be Installed

You read the title of this post and you think “duh, blinds are installed in windows”. But the question that will make all the difference is which type of window blinds should you install in the windows of your every room. This might come as a surprise to you but there are different types of window blinds (it’s not just Venetian) available in the market and each type are best suited for specific rooms in your home.

Window blinds could either be Venetian, Vertical, Roman, Conservatory, Wood Shutter, Blackout, Roller, Skylight, Electric etc. They could also be made out of wood, textile, plastic, etc. In this post we’d talk about the abovementioned blinds and where they are best installed.

Venetian Blinds

This is the most popular type of window blinds and could be seen in most homes. These blinds are made out of horizontal slats and are best installed in living rooms and bedrooms. The slats are made out of plastic or PVC, metal, vinyl and wood. Venetian blinds made out of wood slats are also called as Wood blinds.

Vertical Blinds

From the name itself, this type of blinds is the opposite of Venetian blinds and are also normally installed in living rooms and bedrooms. This is also the type of blinds that are frequently used in commercial establishments and corporate offices.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are made out of cascading fabric that folds itself when you need to have more light coming from your windows. This type of window blinds is usually installed in kitchen windows or reading nooks because it gives off a cosy and relaxed vibe.

Conservatory Blinds

Conservatory blinds are called as such because they conserve energy. They are made out of thermal fabric that keeps your home cool when its summer and warm when its winter. Best installed in all windows of your home to help in lowering your electric bill.

Wood Shutter

Wood shutters are best used for large windows because it could help maximize the amount of light that comes in a room. Anywhere in your home that you have a large window, install a wood shutter or Sydney plantation shutters.

Blackout Blinds

Since the main reason why homeowners purchase this type of blinds is to blackout any light, this type of blinds is used in bedrooms to help in achieving a good night’s sleep. Made out of special opaque fabrics, they could also be used if your home theatre or entertainment room’s windows are getting a lot of sunlight.

Skylight Blinds

This type of window blinds is for when you want to cover or lessen the amount of sunlight that you are getting from your skylight. Most of window blinds suppliers are also selling this type of window blinds because more and more homeowners wanted to have the option of a dimmer home when they see fit.

Window blinds are not just for privacy or for when you want a muted ambiance in your home. They are also for aesthetics and some even help in increasing the home’s market value for resales.