Basic Buying Guide For Pumps

Just like any other product, buying a water pump can sound pretty simple. Technically, any device that helps move fluids around can be identified as a pump but with modern technological advancements, the definitions are more fine-tuned.

Although there are heaps of pumps out there, they will have different specifications, price tags, advantages and drawbacks depending on their purpose. If you are planning on buying a pump, there are more than just a few things you need to look for. This brief guide will tell you about the basic, yet most important, parameters that you need to consider when buying a pump.

Pump Specifications

All the pumps are categorized based on their specifications and understanding the specs in detail will always save you a lot of trouble. Although this categorization is quite technical, you can figure out the details easily once you understand the parameters. For instance, the flow rate is the first thing you need to consider when you are shopping for water pumps.

Basically, it defines the effectiveness of a pump. Higher and lower flowrates will determine the application and the suitability of a particular pump. The former will be ideal for industrial uses and the latter is often used in domestic use. Moreover, considering the size of the inlet is important since it will directly affect the efficiency of the pump. Both bigger and smaller inlets will have specific uses in each application. However, choosing bigger inlets is not always viable and that will depend on the application.


Although pumps are designed to handle fluid flow in general, some devices are used for specific purposes. When you are buying a pump, make sure to focus on these unique specifications. For instance, most sewage handling pumps will focus on wastewater solid reduction. If your purpose is to handle sludge, choosing a pump with that feature is vital.

Manufacturer And Brand Name

The reliability of almost every product depends on the reputation of the manufacturer. Similarly, the brand name is one of the most vital things to be considered before you spend money on a pump. Frankly, there are dozens of different brands out there but only a couple of them carry a reputation with their name. If you want to make the right decision, always consider buying their products. People often opt for products with no reliable reputation simply because they cost less. It is important to value reliability than saving a few dollars.


If you are choosing a reputed manufacturer, you will almost always have a decent warranty with your purchase. However, you need to know all the information related to the warranty if you want to get the best out of your purchase. This means you need to know when and how to claim it and all other rules and regulations incorporated with it.

Again, choosing a reputed brand name will complement you with reliable and cost-effective warranty. If you want to know more about the warranty and the after services, never hesitate to talk to the local distributor.

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